The Entrepreneurs Story

Your present story is your futue result. You're excited to begin your entrepreneurial journey...You truly believe you have a great business idea. That is until you commit to actually DOING the business. Then doubt and fear begin to rear their ugly heads. Your story begins to go negative. Maybe your idea isn't that great...maybe you don't know as much as you orginally thought. You feel stuck in a loop of wanting to succeed while fearful of taking the next step.


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Bill Foss

Bill is a 40 plus year veteran of the real estate industry.  His passion is guiding entrepreneurs and sales people to reach their maximum potential.  He has coached and consulted with top producing brokers and agents as well as business owners.  He is a spirtual life coach, certified life coach, certified hypno therapist and master certified in NLP.   He is co-founder of Bridge the Knowing Doing Gap Inner Circle with his friend and business partner Phil Cicio, renowned author, coach, consultant and keynote speaker lead the Bridge the Knowing-Doing Gap Inner Circle.  This exclusive membership program is designed specifically for enterpreneurs as they face the challenges of business.